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The Letters and Proceedings of The Technodiversity Collective


Being The Letters and Proceedings of The Technodiversity Collective


The current course of global technological development is narrated from two unique alternatives of technological existence: the one proposed by the neoliberal capitalist model, led by the United States, and the Chinese model, led by the Asian power, which together with others, has just launched the most important trade agreement in the world, the New Silk Road. What are the implications of the geopolitics of technology for us, for people and places where political, scientific and technological infrastructures are not limited, in order to embark on a route of alternative technological development, which would provide a counterweight to these unique narratives about the world model?

In this space we propose to open the discussion about the geopolitics of technology anchored to the geopolitics of knowledge. Just as we denounce the closure of the historical epistemological plurality, epistemicide as a modern Western project, we maintain that the hegemonic socio-technical systems contribute as an instrument for the realization of this project. The extermination of diversity also translates into the closing of plural technological universes, which reflect the needs, characteristics, and visions of those communities that have been historically excluded.

We believe that it is necessary to promote initiatives at different scales that allow for the advancement of a critical political agenda regarding the role played by the governments of our countries in the internal colonialism materialized in the corporatization of technological policies, the abandonment of sovereignty and the imposition of unique world models. We believe the pandemic has shown that it is an urgent debate and that action is needed to reverse this trend.

We hope with this space to contribute to this agenda.

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